st. david’s day.

hong-an tran

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Saturday, March 1st, was St. David’s Day, the feast day of St. David, the patron saint of Wales.  My pal Illtyd has joked every year that he’s the one-man Welsh parade down 5th Avenue – everyone else gets a national parade, c’mon!.  This year we decided to capture him, the Welsh flag, and a handful of leeks properly in the act, so we staged a mini-shoot down in Cooper Square, further south in Manhattan than where parades usually take place.

Illt was up for just about anything.  And the random Japanese tourists standing near where we were shooting, who asked for directions  – they seemed pretty game, too, when I asked if they’d mind helping us out with our shoot.  A magnificent afternoon, if I do say so myself, even if it was just the lone Welshman, yours…

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