lazy sunday walkabout. (with film!)

hong-an tran

. . .

It was a sunny but brisk Sunday, just the wee-est bits of spring poking around.  Olivia, Nick, and I wandered around the East Village, down along the edge of  NYU and Soho, and finally to the Lower East Side, with our cameras in tow.  Though I have, since entering the digital world, shot with film, it was for a client, and not for my own edification.  So, feeling like I needed to reconnect with analog, I brought long-neglected Leica M6 with me.  Nick offered up a roll of expired Kodak Ektar 100 – by far my favorite film stock – and voila!, some gorgeous, wonderfully saturated shots.

Here was our afternoon, from start to finish.  Only one of these photos – the ‘Open House’ storefront shot – was edited in Lightroom for contrast, to counteract the late afternoon haze.  Otherwise, all of these photos are as-is.  A…

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