Cars and Coffee


Words by Tim Wong


It has been some time since Matt and I had a chance to visit Cars and Coffee Irvine, but we were on our way up to Buttonwillow that day so we made a stop to check out there cars and grab some breakfast. It wasn’t a particularly special day, but as usual some nice cars were out there.



The Mercedes 300SL is never a boring sight.


Bauer Catfish which is essentially a rebodied Mazda Miata.




Caterham Super Seven





I really enjoyed the colorful and tidy engine bay of this Datsun 240Z especially in contrast to the flat black of the car.




The Garage Woolery Miata with the Pit Crew front end


Slammed Mercedes CL55 AMG





A pretty nice line up in the back lot that day


This Vorsteiner McLaren MP4-VX stood out to me the most because of the great looking change to the front end…

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